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30 December 2010


Some minor tweaking has been going on around here.  Nothing too drastic, but moves in a positive direction.

You'll notice some graphics changes (fonts, colors, etc.) and you'll notice some clean up here and there, but the big changes are in the sidebar....


Toward the bottom, you'll now find sections for interesting radio shows, local blogs and a listing of my recent cinematic experiences.  In the future, I'm hoping to go more in-depth into the films I post, maybe not so much academic criticism, but just (as always) my humble opinions.

It has always been my hope to make this place more than just a place to share music with my friends, colleagues and acquaintances.  I want it to be a page that helps people connect and bring new ideas and experiences to those who I share it with.  

As this blog continues, I also hope to bring travel news, food experiences and other items of interest to fellow travelers. 


Playlist for December 30th, 2010

Subject, photographer, year and location unknown
(if you know, let me know so I can properly credit)
Let's hear it for the ladies!

This week, female artists dominate our playlist.   All the songs here are from the 1960's and up, with most still active on the music scene.  Lot's of rockin' here, so let's get goin'.