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25 March 2011

Playlist for March 25th, 2011

Spring is around the corner out on the prairie (despite the current chill in the air).

Over the past week, the Lady of the Manor and I have begun to get outdoors after the long winter, raking up leaves, picking up branches and getting our garden prepared.

With that in mind, here are some good gardenish related tunes for everyone to enjoy.

The first half of the playlist is pre-war tunes, from hillbilly music to the blues, with some jazz and hawaiian guitar thrown in.

The second half includes more modern sounds, some rock and a little bluegrass thrown in at the end.

Get out and take advantage of the good weather, when it finally gets here and...


24 March 2011

Movie Night - Vanishing Point

1970 Dodge Challenger, Colorado tags OA-5599
With a beginning that brings to mind the Ouroborus, Vanishing Point begins with the California Highway Patrol setting up a roadblock consisting of two bulldozers and many police cruisers.

On the horizon, we see a white 1970 Dodge Challenger, racing towards the roadblock.

Screeching to a halt, the Challenger turns around to race back down the road from where it came, passing a black Chrysler Imperial on Sunday at 10:02 AM.

Barry Newman as Kowalski
The film then backtracks and begins to tell the story of Kowalski, who pulls into a garage in Denver, Colorado at 11:30 PM on Friday, delivering a black Chrysler Imperial from San Francisco, California to Argo's Car Delivery Service.

He asks for another car to deliver back to San Francisco that night, which his supervisor is reluctant to do, since Kowalski hasn't slept.

Kowalski insists and is given a white 1970 Dodge Challenger to deliver.

After a stop at his drug dealers hangout to pick up Benzedrine, a powerful stimulant, Kowalski makes a bet that he can be in San Francisco by 3 PM the next day.

As he speeds toward his destination, Kowalski attracts the attention of the various highway patrols in Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California, always racing onward.

Cleavon Little as Super Soul
Along the way, a blind DJ from Goldfield, Nevada named Super Soul, who uses a police radio scanner to track the chase, begins to root for Kowalski to get away and begins broadcasting instructions and encouragement.

This moody piece of cinema is a cult classic amongst gearheads.

You should...

...Check it out!!!  (WP)(AMG)(IMDB)

21 March 2011


Totally stolen from somewhere on the Internet
When I first started this blog at the beginning of December 2010, my hope was to have my friends and co-workers share in the joy I get from good music, movies, food and fun.

In that time, the response has been above and beyond.

It appears I've gone worldwide.

Who knew that this little oasis on the internet would get viewers from not only the US, but also from:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

That is quite a list.

To everyone who visits my spot here, a big "thank you".

Spreading the word about the things I love in a time of reality TV muck, vapid pop music and fast food is the purpose of this endeavor.

Thank you for sharing in that and keep an eye out for more of my humble opinions in the future.

20 March 2011

Food - Wine & Cheese (Part I)

Michael Palin as Mr. Wensleydale and
John Cleese as the Customer in the
Cheese Shop Sketch from Monty Python
I listen to NPR.  I'm a member and full fledged supporter.

Having said that, I've never really understood the stereotype of the NPR listener as a "wine & cheese snob".

I've always been more of a beer and sausage or whiskey and steak kinda guy.

But, I do like good food, as does the Lady of the Manor, so tonight, we decided to have a little "wine & cheese" tasting.

After a little research courtesy of the Wine Bible and the internet, we came across a couple of good combinations.

Wensleydale is (according to Wikipedia) a medium textured cheese and is (according to "The Cheese Book") similar to cheddar.

The wensleydale we found at our local chain grocer had cranberries in it.

It pairs up nicely with a good Merlot or with a with Rias Braxas (the Martin Codax Rias goes great with just about anything, though).

In my opinion, the merlot really brought out the flavor of the cranberries and was better.

Next, we had a brie with mushrooms called "Champignon", a double cream cheese from Germany.

It pairs up with Beaujolais Nouveau, which helps bring the creaminess of the brie and the earthiness of the mushroom to the forefront, without overpowering them.

Great Find - The Wine Bible

I am a library lover.  I am fortunate enough to live in a place with a great public library and, thanks to this being the prairie capital, also the state library.

Thanks to access to these great places of learning, I have come across a lot of great music, a lot of wonderful films and a multitude of great books.

One of those is "The Wine Bible" by Karen MacNeil.

Written as almost a text book, it is divided into sections on wine basics, various wine regions and the products they have.

Having said that, you shouldn't be afraid of it.

Even though I look at it as a text book, it is written without pretension and is easily accessible.

I liked it so much, I went to my local chain bookstore to pick up a copy and it has proven to be a great find.