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15 January 2011

Movie Night - A League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Bowling legend and all around classy guy
Pete Weber
At one point in time, professional bowling was the most popular sport on television.  I remember watching the Professional Bowlers Association on Saturday afternoons, after cartoons had ended and the Saturday movie was over.

I never really got into it that much, but, to this day, I do love to bowl a few frames every now and then.

The movie A League of Ordinary Gentlemen chronicles the downfall and new beginnings of, not only the Professional Bowlers Association, but many of the players who were famous in the PBA's heyday who have fallen on hard times, much like the league and the sport they love.

Today, bowling is coming back and many people continue to fill the lanes across America.

Check it out! (WP)(AMG)(IMDB)

14 January 2011

Playlist for January 14th, 2011


From scotch and rye, Irish to bourbon, it is something I enjoy and many of my friends and colleagues do as well.

This week's playlist is filled with songs dealing with whiskey and the reasons we drink it.  It has lots of old blues and country, with some good R & B thrown in at the end.

Enjoy, but in moderation!  (Just kidding....go all out!)