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21 May 2011

BONUS Playlist for May 21st, 2011

'Rapture'...heh, heh, heh...
The 'Huh"pocalypse.......

I haven't been on this little marble in the sky for very long (in relative terms), but I've heard of more than one idea, over time, that the world was coming to an end.

Maybe it's because I grew up in a part of the world that has a particularly harsh brand of religiosity, but....I digress.

From what I can tell, this iteration of the "apocalypse" stems from someone with lots of money, an FCC license and a penchant for proclaiming the end.

I really shouldn't get started on professional preachers, the way they prey on people and the real problems that are obfuscated by illogical mystical beliefs.


Some tunes about the end of it all...whatever that may be.

By special request...


20 May 2011

Playlist for May 20th, 2011

Not a whole lot to say for this week.

Here on the prairie, at my place of employment, there are a lot of folks dealing with numbers (both fiscally and geographically).

I tip my hat to all my fellow co-workers who are working hard to make it to the end of the month with their sanity intact.

This week, our playlist is full of songs with numbers in the title.  'nuff said.


15 May 2011

Movie Night - The Thomas Crown Affair

Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen) is a 36 year old self-made millionaire who gets bored with the "establishment".  Crown masterminds a bank robbery, hiring five men, who never meet until at the job, to steal $2.6 million from a bank in Boston.

Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen)
during the pickup.
Vicki Anderson (Faye Dunaway) begins
working on her suspect.
With no leads, the police and the bank's insurance company begin working with Vicki Anderson (Faye Dunaway), a slightly amoral insurance investigator who will stop at nothing to get her man.

As Crown and Anderson begin to come closer together, they begin playing a cat and mouse game with each other.  Crown has begun planning and implementing another heist, with Anderson striving to catch Crown red-handed.
Thomas Crown comtemplates his next move against
Vicki Anderson while playing chess.

As the relationship grows, questions of loyalty, love and crime come to the forefront, blurring the lines between careers, truth and consequences.

Vicki Anderson already knows her next move against
Thomas Crown while playing chess.

Stylishly shot and containing a steamy chess scene (bet you never thought you'd ever hear those words together), the original Thomas Crown Affair is a film you should check out!  (WP)(AMG)(IMDB)(RT)

TV Night - Fishing with John

Film director Jim Jarmusch (holding cheese slice) tries to
coax a shark to the surface for actor & musician
John Lurie (holding gun) to shoot.  This is not a
recommended way of catching fish, but it will work.

John Lurie is a musician (founding a band called the Lounge Lizards), an actor (starring in Stranger than Paradise by Jim Jarmusch for example) and an artist (whose work has been shown in New York, Amsterdam and Moscow, where his work Bear Surprise became a sensation), who has some interesting friends.

In 1991, Lurie decided to combine his eccentric friends, including Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Matt Dillon, Willem Defoe and Dennis Hopper, with his total blissful ignorance of fishing to bring this six episode television show from the Independent Film Channel.

With episodes that include hunting shark off Montauk, New York & meeting up with a mystical jungle fisherman in the wilds of Costa Rica who shows the sportsmen an ancient fishing dance, Fishing with John is not a show if you are looking for tips on how to catch fish.

However, if you are into the absurd and enjoy the interaction between extremely creative people, then Fishing with John is a show for you.

Check it out!!! (WP)(AMG)(IMDB)(RT)