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08 January 2011

Movie Night - Repulsion

Catherine Deneuve running the
wacko gauntlet in "Repulsion"
Psychological horror movies are great and this one, 1965's Repulsion, is one of the best.

Directed by Roman Polanski and starring a totally unhinged Catherine Deneuve, it is the story of Carol, a Belgian woman living in London with her sister, Helen.

It is obvious from the beginning of the story that Carol has issues - major issues.  She goes through her day in a semi-catatonic state where it seems her fear of the outside world is overwhelming.

It begins to become clear that Carol has both a hatred and fascination with the men around her.  After being left alone while her sister and her sister's lover leave for a holiday, Carol goes off the deep end and the film traces the journey from just slightly crazy to full blown psychotic.

This film is not for people who get easily freaked out.  Just a word of warning.

Check it out. (WP) (AMG) (IMDB)

07 January 2011

Playlist for January 7th, 2011


For the better part of the last decade, I have been a subscriber to the great periodical the Oxford American.

Published out of Central Arkansas University in Conway, Arkansas, the Oxford American has went out of print at least three times in its lifetime, but has had a dedicated reader base that keeps bringing it back to life.

This weeks playlist is a tribute to the annual Southern Music CD's put out annually by the magazine, with all the tracks coming from past discs put out by the magazine.

Always full of a wide variety of great music, the Oxford American has, for the last two years, dedicated the CD to a particular state.

I finally got around to listening to this years "Alabama" disc and it is, as usual, wonderful.

There are no notes (by me, at least) for this weeks playlist as the notes contained in the magazine are, not only informative, but much better than anything I could come up with.

I encourage everyone to track down this great magazine and support, not only the good music they put out, but the great writing contained in its pages.

Alan Lomax on WHYY's Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Alan Lomax photographed by Shirley Collins 
The late folklorist Alan Lomax, who with his parents, John and Ruby, helped record and discover many great artists (Jelly Roll Morton, Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly, among many others) is featured on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Listen to it here.

04 January 2011

Movie Night - Breathless

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg in "Breathless"
Michel Poiccard is a small time criminal, spending his time stealing cars and looking up to Humphrey Bogart.

While waiting for the payoff from an earlier crime, he steals a car to head into Paris and in the process gets pulled over, killing the cop who stops him.

Now on the run, Michel gets to Paris, where he tries to get his money and tries to get closer to Patricia, an American studying at the Sorbonne and selling the New York Herald Tribune on the streets of the city of lights.

A classic film that helped usher in the "French New Wave", director Jean-Luc Godard mixes dialogue improvisation, beautiful locations and a love of cinematic history.

Check it out. (WP) (AMG) (IMDB)

03 January 2011


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02 January 2011

Movie Night - The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

Richard Burton and Claire Bloom in
"The Spy Who Came in From the Cold"
Recently, I indulged in an early James Bond movie marathon and re-watched the first three films of the series (Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger) and it got me wanting to watch more of the great classic spy movies.  As a kid, I used to watch the James Bond movies, mostly because they were on TV about once every month or two.  When VCR's and then DVD's became the "home theater" options later on (yeah, I'm that old), I watched more movies in the spy genre and really grew to love the intrigue, suspense and action that were combined in a good spy movie.

Last night, the Lady of the Manor and I sat down and watched the 1965 film The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.  Directed by Martin Ritt and starring Richard Burton, the film is based on the book of the same name by John le CarrĂ©.

Richard Burton plays Alec Leamas, head of British espionage operations in West Germany during the late 50's and early '60's.  The film opens with Leamas waiting for an East German defector to make it across the line separating East from West Germany.  When things go wrong, Leamas' handlers recall him to London and give him a new operation, which will require Leamas to publicly fall from grace and burrow deep down into the enemy East German spy world.

This is a film that requires your attention while you are watching it.  It's very cerebral with twists and turns, crosses and double crosses and much, much more.

Check it out. (WP), (AMG), (IMDB)

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