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17 July 2011

Playlist for the third weekend in July 2011

from Georges Méliès 1902 film
Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon)
As a kid, outer space always fascinated me.

Even today, it does, but to a lesser degree.

I remember watching the rocket launches from the late '60's/early '70's on history programs & watching the space shuttles launch on TV in awe of the hard work and smarts that it took to achieve what I saw happening.

One of the things it taught me was that science is wonderful.

This coming week marks the end of the space shuttle program.

from one of the '30's Flash Gordon serials
After more than 100 successful missions, the part of the space program that I grew up with will end.

So, to mark the end of one mission and (hopefully) the beginning of another, this week's playlist is full of tunes about space, the moon, rocket ships and a flying saucer here or there.


 1. from "Message from Outer Space" - Jan Davis & Destination Love
 2. Rocket Trip - Jackie Lowell
 3. Orbit With Me - Sonny Sheather
 4. Flying Saucer Boogie - Eddie Cletro & His Round Up Boys
 5. Rock Old Sputnik - Nelson Young
 6. Rockin' on the Moon - Deacon & the Rock 'n' Rollers
 7. Astrosonic - Jimmie Haskell & His Orchestra
 8. Blast Off - The Spacemen
 9. Space Craze - Rick McGuire
10. Trip to the Moon - Wesley Reynolds
11. Going Into Orbit - Churchill & the Raiders
12. How High the Moon - Les 4 Kiwis (Tony & the Initials)
13. L'Interplanetaire - Les Talismans
14. Space Express - The Savage
15. Moon Probe - The Vulcanes
16. Moon Shot - Kenny & the Friends
17. Space Needle - The Starfires
18. Moon Dawg! - The Gamblers
19. Gemini - The Jack Blanchard Group
20. Moon Race - The Citations
21. Space Rock (Pt. 2) - The Baskerville Hounds
22. Apollo 9 - The Spacewalkers
23. Rocket for Girls - The Girls
24. Race to Space - Glenn Willings
25. Rock, Moon, Rock - Daniel James
26. Space Guitar - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
27. Heavy Spaceman - Hal Vincent
28. We Travel the Spaceways - Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Solar Arkestra
29. "...my voice is coming to you via a satellite..." - Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower, broadcast from the Project SCORE satellite (December 19th, 1958)

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